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New security services by ETS Luxury Driving

ETS Luxury Driving has expanded its security service with specific services for its customers. In addition to our luxury transport, we regularly received requests from our customers to provide them with safety and security, both private and business. In order to meet our clients in this need, we have a in-house security organization that provides specialist security services, with the necessary permits from the Ministry of Justice and Security in the field of security and private investigative work.


If you are dealing with a crime, the police is the best place to start an investigation. However, sometimes there is not enough time or insufficient capacity available. Bringing in a security organization, which is specialized in criminal investigations (among other things), can be very useful! Because the government cannot investigate everything, a private investigation agency has a broader field of activity than the police. A private investigation agency can be used as a private investigator (for private individuals) or company investigative officers (for companies). Where the government mainly deals with criminal offenses, a criminal investigation agency continues. For example, violation of a non-competition clause. This is not a crime that you can report to the police, but an offense for which you can start a lawsuit yourself and need evidence.


Are you a victim of cyber crime, theft or fraud and the police can not help you? Or do you want to be sure that your security and/or staff is reliable? We can help you with our security services.


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