Benefits For Bookers

Check and plan

We use our knowledge to ensure that enough time is reserved for transporting our guests. We monitor flight delays, take into account traffic jams and thereby make sure to be on time. In addition, we ensure that you as a booker receive all the driver information on time and receive real-time transportation updates.

Always available

Our dispatch team is available 24/7 so that we can always help you out with urgent requests. If you have any questions or alterations of the schedule, we can adjust that for you immediately.

Roadshow- and event managers

Organizing a roadshow brings enough stress and we are there to support you in organizing all elements that have to do with the organization. We can advise you on the planning and will act as the second pair of eyes to ensure that no detail is missed. We ensure that you have all driver information early in advance so that you can pass it on to passengers and others in your organization team.

Communication benefits

Furthermore, we have gained significant experience in dispatching and communications with corporates, which has resulted in a simplified ordering process. You can book in our online portal, our application or via e-mail. In addition, we recognize your preferences and will act accordingly to ease your booking process even more. Last but not least, we send one monthly invoice, in one currency, with a clear overview of our conducted services.


Besides our outstanding transportation services, ETS has optimized the ordering process and communications in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and that you as a booker have little or no involvement in the whole process. You want to be unburdened in this entire process and that is what ETS strives for. Whether it is a ride from location A to B, a scheduled roadshow or a large event, ETS makes sure that you as a booker do not have to worry about your passenger(s).