About Us

Worldwide chauffeured transportation for every occasion with a flexible, professional and personal touch. That’s what differentiates ETS from his competitors. When choosing high-class chauffeured transportation services, you want to rely on a professional partner that wants to run the extra mile in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Since ETS Luxury Driving was founded in 1993, we have focussed on the individual needs of our customers and established a reputation for quality and reliability. With over 25 years of experience in operating comprehensive luxury limousine services around the clock, you can rely on us to provide you and your most exacting clients, with the very best service available.

ETS Luxury Driving owns a versatile, luxurious fleet and our chauffeurs are licensed, professional, experienced and discrete, which guarantees a care-free experience. ETS Luxury Driving has a worldwide network of limousine companies that operate in accordance with our high quality standards. This guarantees a consistent quality standard where and whenever you want to use our transportation services. ETS Luxury Driving takes responsibility for the transport from door to door – guaranteeing consistency and quality of service, running the extra mile for our travelers. The latter goes further than just having a car with driver available. We also arrange appointments, bookings and respond to special wishes.

Our clients are executives of corporates, artists, politicians, directors and more in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide. These clients enjoy working with ETS for a couple of reasons. First of all, ETS Luxury Driving has a versatile fleet of BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz’s not older than three years old, equipped with Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks and your desired newspaper. Our chauffeurs are well-experienced, discrete and professional, thereby easing your travel experience even more. The world’s most discerning clients – from business guru’s and political leaders to famous actors and musicians – all prefer outstanding chauffeured transportation services. We are not solely transporting you from A to B, but also focus on making this transport as comfortable as possible. We apply these highest standards – and more – to win and more importantly, to keep your business.

ETS Luxury Driving is available in more than 52 countries all over the world. In Europe, we provide our high quality service in, around and between cities such as Amsterdam (including Schiphol Airport), Rotterdam, Groningen, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Brussels, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, Geneva, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London and Edinburgh.


In 1993 Bart van Leijden started this company on his own. More than 25 years later we established a reputation for quality and reliability.

For many years, several celebrities, political leaders and multinationals are choosing to work with ETS because of their outstanding services. See below with Bill Clinton.

In 1993 Bart van Leijden began working as a cab driver in Rotterdam. Sometimes Bart transported business people and he liked this more than bringing drunk people home in the middle of the night. At some point Bart went to Hollywood to investigate how VIP transportation was arranged over there. He spoke with various people and when he returned home to the Netherlands, he started talking to five-star hotels, large companies and other potential clients.

Three months later the management of the 5-star Manhattan Hotel (the former Westin Hotel) gave him the opportunity to drive their VIP’s, on one condition: Bart had to buy a decent car. He did and thereby laid the basis for his unique international Executive Transportation Service (ETS), which is now operating in more than 52 countries all over the world.

In 2008 ETS Luxury Driving headquarters moved to a new office building in Barendrecht, near the city of Rotterdam. In 2018 ETS Luxury Driving had to move to a bigger office again since the company was getting bigger each year.

To accommodate its international clients, the family-owned company opened an office in Amsterdam city center. Work hard and stay yourself, these are important values to Bart van Leijden.

Bart now has his sons Nick and John involved in the company, which makes it a real family business. Together with their employees, they are good for planning and carrying our around 500 journeys a week at home and abroad. Bart has invested much of his time and efforts in setting up a stable network. Nowadays, Bart is regularly visiting partners and customers in order to drive our long-term partnerships. That is what characterizes ETS – not solely focusing on new clients but maintaining and valuing loyal clients and partners.